Project Structure

Base Directory Structure


Config file for bumpversion handled the semantic versioning process. More information at the Development Process description.

Used CircleCI for handle the Build, Testing, Releasing and Publishing steps.
Status: CircleCI build status

Folder for ci utility scripts like, install selenium.

This project is documentated with sphinx-doc. The generated deployment will be published to ReadTheDocs and
Status: Documentation Status

This folder is used form the GitHub Issue Templates.


This Folder contains Selenium based pytest integrations tests. Runned after a deployment.


Test for checking the CookieCutter Template generated projects, based on pytest and pytest-cookies.


Using tox for handle the different build and test configs.

Important Tox Environments

Tox Environment



Start the local builds, used pytest-cookies for testing the cookiecutter template, see Unit tests.


Generate the html sphinx-doc. All required dependencies are listed in requirementsDocs.txt


Start the Selenium Integration Tests for existing deployments, some type of Smoke Tests, see Integrations tests.

Build config for the TravisCI Job, used for testing different python versions.
Status: Travis CI build status