Cookiecutter Template for circleci BuildJobs

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Cookiecutter Template for a CircleCI, Continuous integration/Continuous delivery Pipeline, for different types of projects. Using Tox for abstraction the the Process workflow, from the project specific buildsteps.

Current Version: 0.12.0



Install cookiecutter to your local machine.

Example usage

(cookiecutter) $ cookiecutter
generate_tox_file [n]: y
generate_sphinx_doc [n]: y
project_slug []: cookiecutter-example-build
Select project_type:
1 - cookiecutter
Choose from 1 [1]: 1


(cookiecutter) $ tree
└── cookiecutter-example-build
    ├── .circleci
    │   └── config.yml
    ├── docsRequirements.txt
    └── tox.ini

2 directories, 3 files